Dual Side Cap Facade System

  1. General Details

    Dual Side Cap Facade System comprise the structural elements that provide lateral and vertical resistance to wind and other actions, and the building envelope elements that provide the weather resistance and thermal, acoustic and fire resisting properties.

    Facade System patented brand AluArc facade systems offers quality, aesthetics and convenience at the same time.

    While designing of AluArc facade systems, the aim was to meet the construction sector needs. Then provide easiness to installation teams as well as being durable in the long term use.

    Thus, a brand that takes the quality and engineering inspiration from Europe. It appeal to international tastes in design and using options came to exist.

    By OZVA facade systems you would find wide variety and practical solution options even for your most complex project needs. Our R&D team can additionally make designs for your customised needs.

    Other than Dual Side Cap Facade System products, we also offer manufacturing and installation service according to your project specifications with different brands of our aluminium extrusion partners.

    For the product details please see our ranges.

    Important: As OZVA Construction we offer high quality materials with exclusive 2 years warranty. Our customer worry free minds are always our first aim.

  2. Features of AluArc Facade Systems
    • %100 water tightness thanks to single piece condensation channelled gasket that doesn’t require extra connection apparatuses or additional gaskets in the dilatation spaces of the façade
    • Non-castellated straight cut in transom profiles that reduces the manufacturing and installation times
    • Connection details that reduces the possibility of inaccuracy both in manufacturing and in installation
    • Additional to the single piece condensation channelled gasket that covers the transoms and mullions completely, extra connection filling gaskets enables efficient heat and sound insulation
    • Transom and mullion profile caps that enables to be installed inside or outside
    • All profiles are in accordance with ISO 9001, Qualanod and Qualicoat quality standarts
  3. Dual Side Cap Facade System - Technical Details
    • Ability to provide the desired look thanks to both sides applicable façade caps
    • Inside applicable caps enables a cleaner look by hiding the other accessories like electric cables
    • Ability to apply aesthetic look and robustness with desired caps from inside while applying different caps or silicone fugue to outside at the same time
    • Especially suitable for multi-floor and curved buildings to provide the desired aesthetic with needed robustness
    • Curved, folded, oval shaped and different designs of caps are applicable to both sides
    • 55 mm profile front width enables more transparency
    • 60-210 mm profile widths ensures the best robustness
    • 4-50 mm glass thickness options
    • Desired vent openings (parallel, inward, outward, tilt and turn or pivot opening)
    • Additional to durable EPDM gaskets covering the whole transoms and mullions, extra connection filling gaskets enables efficient heat and sound insulation
    • %100 water tightness thanks to single piece condensation channelled gasket
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