NUVOLE – Top Hanging Folding System

  1. General Details

    Comfort, smoothness and economic solution for non-threshold glazing

    System Features:

    • No tackling, no uneasiness of panel movements thanks to single piece design of parking base
    • Long years of comfortable usage even in the highest glazings thanks to high robustness with glass pins and strong profiles
    • Especially suitable for inner and outer spaces like cafes, malls, offices that requires no threshold on the floor and need easiness to partition the spaces
    • Robust wheel systems that enables smooth and silent movement of panels
    • Bottom and top panel brushes that minimises the penetration of dust, water etc.
    • Maximum security with hidden, in-between panels, to floor locking pins
    • Chrome plated wheel systems and high quality poliamid profile caps
    • Easy mounting with adjustable hinge system
    • Chic design of side frame profiles
  2. Technical Details
    Maximum system height 3000-3500 mm
    Maximum panel width 1000 mm
    Glass thickness 8 mm and 10 mm
    Glass type Tempered/laminated
    System Operation Sliding and folding, stacking at a parking bay
    Profile colours (in stock) Anodised, press
    Profile cap colour options (in stock) Black
  3. Uses and Benefits Of Movable Glass Systems
    • Enables to create extra spaces and enlarges your living / service spaces and creating shade when needed.
    • Protects from harsh weather conditions, dirt, noise etc. while providing thermal insulation.
    • Reduces heating/cooling expenses of the building by increased insulation and extends building life cycle by reduced corrosion.
    • Increases the security by their locking systems.
    • Easy to clean thanks to folding and sliding panels.
    • Silent and comfortable use with wheel system design.
    • Enables maximum transparency comparing to standard window systems.
    •  Ability to glaze different angular spaces.