U-PVC Window Systems

  1. General Details

    U-PVC Window And Door Systems

    Since 2001, Gürkan Yapı Elements has successfully completed U-PVC projects with the material supplier Egepen Deceuninck.

    We provide U-PVC solutions in the manufacture of precision craftsmanship with its experienced team and operate the installation for the turkish market as well as the international market in different parts of the world.

  2. Characteristics of PVC Door and Window
    • Wide range of solutions to meet all needs in product range, wing openings and usage preferences
    • Internationally recognized reliable quality
    • Strong sealing, ideal heat and sound insulation
    • Quality accessories assurance
    • Profile and glass thickness options suitable for different regions and needs
    • The ability to offer complementary products such as shutters, mosquito nets etc.
  3. Window and Door System Options
  4. Documents